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Welcome To Mind If I Do A J?!

Mind If I Do A J? Forums

Forum Description:

This is Mind If I Do A J? Forums.

MIIDAJ? Forums is a general stoner, no holds barred, free speech community forum. Our members are all here to have fun, and say what we want without any authority figure telling us it is against the rules. MIIDAJ? is the ultimate experience in freedom of speech, as we are unadulterated, unmoderated, and rough around the edges. Some call it fun. Some call it hostile. Some call it ridiculous. Some call it immature. Some will even go as far as calling us craaazy.

We have been keeping it Crigh since 2005, and plan to keep it Crigh for a long time running, so come and enjoy keeping it Crigh with us!

Suggested viewing:

(no) Rules:


We pride ourselves in having a self moderating site. MIIDAJ? has been unmoderated since it's inception, and plan to continue to do so as long as we are around, as this is what makes MIIDAJ? so unique.

While we consider ourselves unmoderated we are bound to keep in line with certain laws that our host require us to follow to keep us hosted. So obviously no kiddie porn, bestiality, and the likes. Everything else is welcome, and encouraged. Harassing other websites in the name of MIIDAJ? is also looked down upon, if you are going to do it do it not in the name of MIIDAJ?. Any attempt to do harm to the existence of MIIDAJ? or its members will not be tolerated, and will be handled as required. Since much of what goes on may be considered inappropriate for minors we require that you are at least 18 years of age upon registration.

Surgeon General's Warning:

Enjoy the site!

MIIDAJ? welcomes anyone to the forum, but we want to take the time to remind you that this is the internetz and not everything is to be taken seriously. If you are looking for a place to fuck around, have fun, talk bullshit, and sometimes go into serious discussion this is the place for you! Please remember being a member of and posting on MIIDAJ? is a privilege and not a right. You can choose to post, or not, as you wish. If it all becomes too much, the GTFO Button is located in the upper Right hand corner of all screens, use it.

If you have read this page, and still wish

to experience the awesomeness that is MIIDAJ? go

ahead and Enter the site. If you decide otherwise, then plz GTFO!


If you are ready to participate in the community then please register.

kplzthnx !

To all: Open registration draws almost exclusively spammers. If you wish to Register and registration is closed you can email me at Annon USA@ G Mail.com (Minus the Spaces) with your particulars and I will create you an account.

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